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Future You

Thank you again for your presence and attention. 

Two things for the next 14 days:
1:  Do the guided practice or guide yourself for a few minutes. Make sure your nervous system is regulated first. If that's necessary, go
here and pick a practice (maybe the body scan or the sound check? You do you!). Your priority is to be calm and centered before practicing. This article might help.

2. It's normal to be fuzzy or blurry on the details. With time, and the tools we use when we meet next, you'll get more clarity.

Grab some paper and freewrite for 5 minutes at least, by hand (here's why), about your experience. Freewriting is downloading onto the page without caring about grammar or syntax. Just. Write.

Regarding the model below, you had an Experience and now you're Capturing it. You're answering the question: What's here now? You might stick to how the experience was and you might begin to Reflect if it strikes you (we'll talk more about Reflect and Integrate next time).

Pay attention to how you felt (and are feeling) in your body as well as your mind. Get in the habit of getting all that down on paper for now.



3.  Before we meet next, read through your responses. Look for progress, patterns, obstacles, and surprises.

And please bring your freewriting to class as you might want to refer to it.


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