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MBSR & Mindfulness

The competition for your attention is fierce. And if you don't know what it feels like when you're present, you won't fully grasp what it means to be lost in thought. Mindfulness begins with attention, but it's far from the whole story. Profound shifts occur as you become aware of, and okay with, the full range of your human experience.

Wake up to life.

Learn to be. Present 

with each arising moment. 

Waking up to life.

    -Mary Martin, PhD

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& Editing

The ability to write clearly is still crucial to your success, largely because writing is a thinking technology.


Whatever you need regarding the written word, I can help you. And if I for some reason we aren't a good fit, I can help you find someone who is. Email me and share your pain!


If you have the time or interest, here's more about Mary Martin, the writer/editor.


My 20 years of experience spans an important time for authors. Back in the day, a book deal with an advance, complete with over a year from submission to publication, was the norm for my clients. They didn't have the time or the inclination to write a book, so they hired me to do it for them.

Fast forward a decade, when self-publishing had become more desirable for entrepreneurs and thought leaders. This method gave them greater control over the project and they could turn it around much faster. I adapted by learning about self-publishing and providing every service necessary from idea conception to distribution.

Today, ebooks (and free ones, at that!) are the norm. Content is sprayed across a variety of social media channels and in a variety of forms, including long-form blogs and contributions to digital publications. Of course, there are still textbooks and other learning manuals, assessments (and their rubrics), grants, and business proposals. Writing has changed a lot in some ways, but not much at all in others.


For a free, 30-minute consultation, briefly describe what you need in an email to

If your message isn't clear in your mind, it won't be clear on the page.


PhD - English Education


Visionaries and others in the business of knowledge often want to spread their unique ideas widely or teach people what they have learned. My unique value as a LearningOps specialist is that I understand how adults learn, how to assess and evaluate them, and I've spent years creating curricula, assessments, rubrics, and all of the operations systems and processes that make them work.  

As your Chief Learning Officer, I'm a solutions provider who will help you:

  • Clarify your message.

  • Write your message in the form of a book/ebook/textbook/curriculum.

  • Tease a learning process out of your knowledge and create a learning program of an hour, a day, or a year. 

  • Navigate the world of regulations, policies, and training.

  • Infuse your speaking and teaching with a deep understanding of how humans learn, communicate, and listen.

  • Choose products and services that fit your needs.

  • Create your knowledge base architecture.

  • Recruit and train trainers and/or train your people.

If you're interested in a free 30-minute consultation regarding the future of your business, briefly describe your situation in an email to me at

Attention thought leaders and others in the knowledge business!

Learning Operations 


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