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MBSR Class 6

1.        Continue alternating the recorded sitting practice from Class 5 with a body practice (lying down or standing-the full guide is here).

2.       Prepare for the all-day class. Be mindful of the sacrifices those around you will be making so that it's possible that you attend with your full being.

3.        Bring awareness to moments of communication and interpersonal relating. What are you learning from personal practice that can be applied in the interpersonal sphere? Remember to pause.

4.       Pay attention to what you take in: physically, via food and drink, and also through the senses. Social media, entertainment, TV, print and digital publications. Notice the effects of what you take in and consider the result. Is it what you want? How do you feel? Apply what you are learning through practice to one of these "inputs" and see how you feel. When you come to that familiar "bag-of-chips" moment, remember to pause and to bring mindful awareness to the moment. If you choose to proceed with whatever it is, do it mindfully. Really be there for what you choose to do.

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