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MFA Class 4

3 Things:
1:  Each day, practice a short body scan or mindful walking or Lying-Down Yoga. Here are the postures, and the track is below. See if you can process your experience in your own mind afterward, capturing, reflecting, and integrating. Make it part of your practice—part of your life. Always be capturing how interactions and actions make you feel and reflect on that.

2:  As for the short practices, here's a 2-minute focused attention and a 3-minute open awareness. Get the hang of them and do them whenever they come to mind during the day, even if just for a minute!

3:  Finally, bring attention to everything! Your gums as you brush your teeth, your scalp as you shower, the feel of soap or shampoo on your hands. Get into the habit of experiencing the sensations of every little thing you do!

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