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MFA Class 6

1.    Pick a practice daily. Use a track or do it on your own. Maybe be curious about your Unwanteds. The MBSR Class 5 practice is included. It's the longer version of what we did in class today.

2.    Continue the habit of checking on your feeling tone a few times a day. While you're at it see if you notice when you need some stability, and then find something in your experience that's stabilizing. The more you do this when nothing is at stake, the more you likely you are to do it when you actually need it.

3.    Try the full Lying-down Yoga at least once. Here are the poses, adapted from Jon Kabat-Zinn's Full Catastrophe Living, by Rodney Cooke.

4.    Capture and Reflect
here! If you're feeling nostalgic, reread your responses since the start of the class to see if there are any patterns you missed.
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