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Practicing A New Way of Being

Yes, I'd like a sneak peek (20+ pages, including a guided practice and Endnotes)!


About the Book

Your Most Powerful Tool as an Advisor is Your Way of Being

Whether you’re a solo financial advisor, on a team, or you maintain a family office, you can better serve your clients, differentiate yourself from the competition, and improve the interpersonal dynamics with everyone in your life by learning how your thoughts, emotions, and stress operate.


Mindfulness might be known for increasing focus and decreasing anxiety, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a way of being. It’s like the bedside manner of a doctor; you know they’re smart or they wouldn’t be there, but it’s how they make you feel that you remember. And that makes you want to recommend them to your friends.


Mindfulness for Financial Advisors: Practicing a New Way of Being (Advisor's Academy Press, 2022) provides a solid case for how mindfulness can improve your life and work through the cultivation of a new way of being, and its interactive format walks you through developing the practices step-by-step.  

Content-wise, there’s more than mindfulness on its pages. From education theory to philosophy to neuroscience to systems theory to the Stoics to Interpersonal Neurobiology to poetry, Dr. Martin explores how other frameworks and schools of thought and investigation touch on mindfulness or examine it with a different lens. Wherever you're starting from, there’s something here for your journey of self-development.


Whatever advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence are coming our way, there’s one thing you will always be better at for the foreseeable future, for good or bad: being human. This book helps you leverage and lead with what makes you human.