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Here's an Intro to Focused Attention

I spoke at the annual conference of the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts last week. They do some pretty intense work and need all of the self-care, groundedness, emotional stability, and clarity they can get. One way to work toward those qualities is the Focused Attention practice. Here's one I did recently. It's under 7 minutes and tells you everything you need to know to get started, and includes a few minutes of practice.

It's not just financial planners who need all they help they can get; we all do! And preventing exhaustion and burnout involves learning how to say No, as well as learning how to increase your own inner resources.

Mindfulness develops resilience and adaptability. It bolsters your inner resources so you're prepared to meet whatever life throws at you. It's not like a light switch that you just flip; it takes practice. And the practice doesn't stop! That's why they call it a practice. Practice makes progress.

There's No Substitute for Practice, and Only Practice Counts As Practice

What the heck does that mean?

Books are great, but they're not practice. Knowledge is wonderful, but it's no substitute for practice. Knowing what you should do and what might happen is no substitute for sitting and being there for what actually happens.

It's not easy! But I promise you that waking up to and in your own life and learning how to meet it all more skillfully will be one of the best moves of your life. It's thankless, sometimes it costs money (although I make every effort to remove that obstacle), and it always takes time, but what you gain from greater insight into your own life is invaluable.

I have always been committed to making this crucial work accessible to all who are dedicated to it, in earnest. Please contact me at if there's a class you want to take and you need a coupon in order to take it.

May you be at ease.



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