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On Brittany Spears and Peter Max

Although I don't live under a rock, I didn't know anything about Brittany Spears' conservatorship. And when I found out about it, I thought it was bizarre that a grown woman with so many resources (I assume) could be in a position like that in the USA in the 21st century.

Closer to home, my friend Libra Max is fighting for the life, freedom, and dignity of her dear father, artist (and so, so much more), Peter Max.

There is something painfully, sadly broken about this country when guardianship abuse is a reality, and there aren't proper checks on this predatory system. As Libra has said (and I'm paraphrasing), if someone with the reach and resources she has has been unable to liberate her beloved father and provide him with relief from his emotional pain and spend time with him when she chooses, and when he has been isolated and medicated and is constantly surveilled, what hope do people have who aren't as fortunate and well-resourced?

Please visit #FreePeterMax and add your name to her letter.


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