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Mary Martin, PhD is a Brown University-trained teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and a Certified Mindful Schools Instructor. She practices and has advanced training in Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness (extensive training with David Treleaven). She also holds a doctorate from New York University’s School of Teaching and Learning, where she focused on Assessment and Evaluation. She has been in the orbit of the financial planning industry for two decades: writing, editing, developing curricula and assessments, and consulting on systems, processes, and operations. 


Mary has been bringing mindfulness to all ages for a decade and is a firm believer that proper mindfulness instruction and skillful inquiry are necessary for optimal experience and outcomes. Although she believes almost everyone can benefit from the gold standard 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course, she realizes that not everyone is interested in or able to commit to the level of time and energy required to complete it. In addition, as the consultant Learner-in-Chief with the Sudden Money Institute and the Financial Transitionist Institute for eight years, Mary was steeped in the challenges financial advisors regularly face, within themselves, with teammates and partners, and in their client-work. 


Mary created Mindfulness for Financial Advisors to give them the opportunity to learn mindfulness in a way that would be advisor-friendly and accessible, with a structure and format that factors in their priorities and the demands on their attention. 


Mary’s primary concern is helping people of all ages develop the inner resources they need to face challenging times and ordinary times. These resources include self-awareness, resilience, inner and outer listening, a healthy, intentional identity that is aligned with behavior, and an expansive capacity to sit with uncertainty, ambiguity, and change.


She keynotes and does workshops at events for educators, parents, and financial advisors, and is the Public Member of the Board of Advisors of the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA). Mary still ghostwrites and book-shepherds for topics and authors who are important to her. Of everything she does, her favorite thing is leading daylong retreats, as she gets to watch as the practice of the participants deepens and their capacity broadens, real time.

Mary lives in Jupiter, Florida with her CFP-husband, their daughter, Mary's mother, one geriatric retired racing greyhound, and two black foster-failure cats.