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Hi there!


I'm Mary Martin and I'm a trauma-sensitive mindfulness educator and guide. That means I educate people of all ages about mindfulness and its many benefits, as well as guide them in developing their own mindfulness practice.


How am I able to do this? I've been through years of rigorous training with Brown University (to teach Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction [MBSR]) as well as with Mindful Schools (to teach kids of all ages) and David Treleaven (for advanced training in trauma-sensitive mindfulness). I also have a doctorate from New York University’s School of Teaching and Learning, which gave me a wonderful foundation as an educator.


In addition, I've spent the past few years diving into futures-thinking and was a Founding Member of The Institute for the Future's Urgent Optimist community and I'm certified in Imagination Leadership Training as well as Foresight Essentials.


I'm a passionate learner, an avid reader, I write daily, and I love making connections that might not seem natural.

One of those connections is mindfulness and financial services. I've been in the financial planning industry for two decades: writing books and other content, editing, developing curricula and assessments, and consulting on systems, processes, and operations. I've watched as the industry moved from being concerned solely with the technical side of advice, to include investor behavior and investor psychology. I'm taking this evolution further by focusing on the advisor's way of being and the uniquely human qualities advisors can bring to their work that LLMs and EmotionAI won't be able to master for at least a few years. I created Mindfulness for Financial Advisors to teach advisors the inner skills they need to connect with themselves and better connect with the families they serve.


My primary concern—no matter who I'm guiding— is to help them develop the inner resources they need to face challenging times and ordinary times. These resources include self-awareness, resilience, inner and outer listening, a healthy, intentional identity that is aligned with behavior, and an expansive capacity to sit with uncertainty, ambiguity, and change.


I speak at all kinds of events for educators, parents, and financial advisors, and I continue to write books for CEOs and thought leaders in a variety of industries, as I still enjoy it after two decades. It never gets old!


Of everything I do, my favorite activity is leading daylong silent retreats, as I get to watch as the practice of the participants deepens and their capacity broadens, real-time.

I live in Jupiter, Florida with my CFP®-husband, our daughter, my mother, one rescued Spanish Galga, and two black foster-failure cats.

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