Classes Beginning in April*

Help! I am a Financial Advisor and I don't know which course I should take?

I think everyone should take MBSR but it is pretty time-consuming, both in class and outside of it.


Here's what it comes down to: MBSR is about you. If you understand you, your client work will be positively impacted--your life will be positively impacted. We won't be directly referring to your work, though; we stay close to our own experiences. People from all walks of life will be in your class. 


Mindfulness for Financial Planners (MFP) allows more for stories about work and the handling of specific situations. It is far less time-consuming, both in class time and daily practice. Your class will be composed of financial advisors. 

Classes Beginning in May

Times haven't been set. What's good for you? Let me know at

Mindful Parenting

Mental and Emotional Flexibility: Using mindfulness for emotion regulation and executive function 

for ages: 



and 13-17

*Please contact me regarding affordability. I intend to do my best to provide access to everyone dedicated to this type of inner work.

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