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FREE Mindfulness for Parents Event

I'm speaking at 12pm, Eastern, this Sunday (July 26) at the SEA Homeschoolers Online Conference. It's free, and you can join thousands of parents from inside and outside the SEA (Secular, Eclectic, Academic) Homeschooler community who have already registered and will be exploring options for the 2020-21 school year.

The title of my talk is "Mindfulness: What It Is, What It Isn’t, and How It Can Help Us All Go from (Barely) Surviving Together to Thriving Together." It will be about 45 minutes and will include a 10-minute practice, and then I do Q & A for 15 minutes. That's a total of one hour of yours truly.

You do not need to be a homeschooler to attend!

Many parents are exploring their options for the Fall and considering homeschooling, even just for the rest of 2020. Whatever your position on how your state or school is handling things, it's always good to know your options. And for those of us who aren't religious and definitely don't want religious schooling, the SEA community is especially helpful.

If you're a parent who is looking for more realistic, honest accounts of history and geography, and a reading list that's not so pale, this is the group for you. With secular resources and online classes like "Protest Songs Throughout History: A reading, writing, and listening project" and "Runaway Trains and Lifeboats: Ethical Philosophy," and a faculty full of educated authors and content creators, if you haven't found your people, you will at least have been exposed to what might be an entirely new way of thinking about your child's education.

For the Mindfulness-Curious . . .

I get a lot of emails about Parenting in the Time of Corona, as you might imagine. There's plenty that parents can do on their own to build their inner resources and there's also plenty parents can do with kids to, well, get along better.

This continues to be a tough time for kids! They were taken away from their friends, people started wearing masks, nobody was going anywhere, and if they were it meant their lives were in danger. That's a lot to deal with. You know what us suburban early Gen X-ers dealt with? Being taken out of school early to wait on line for hours to get gas in 1974. That's our claim to fame. Oh, the humanity!

We all talk about the resilience of kids, but that talk often downplays the genuine trauma that they have experienced since March, even if no one they know became ill, was hospitalized, or died. Many kids know that these are real possibilities, and they experience anticipatory grief and maybe even trauma because of what they know and fear. This needs to be acknowledged and kids need ways to handle the feelz and the thoughts!

From grounding practices to practices that explore emotions to learning how to ACTUALLY LISTEN, mindfulness can bring healing both within individuals and between individuals.

Join me for this free event - and if you cannot make it live it will be recorded. Register now!


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