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Pay-What-You-Can MBSR

It's coming up on 15 months since lockdown in the US, and other countries are in second and third waves.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction is one practice that can dramatically alter--if not completely transform--the way you are able to meet what you consider to be adversity. It gives you inner resources for decreasing your own suffering. It teaches you self-care.

Here's the thing, though: you have to be committed to the work. And it's work. How difficult can it be to sit quietly for 45 minutes a day and do nothing? Try it.

Commitment also means showing up for the classes, on time, as well as to the daylong (7.5 hours) silent retreat. You're not just showing up for yourself--you're doing it for the others in the class. You are fellow travelers, and though you will come to know little about one another as the class isn't about your stories, you will still value and take comfort in just being together, weekly, for a few hours.

I have been asked many times to offer MBSR during the day rather than only in the evening, Eastern Time. I have heard you with the upcoming class that begins June 8. What? During the day in summer? Some people can't go anywhere. And others are so dedicated to learning MBSR that they will prioritize the time. If you are in either one of those camps, I welcome you. There is a brief Orientation call to make sure MBSR is right for you at this time.

I am able to offer this MBSR class as pay-what-you-can.

I welcome you to write me: with any questions.

May you be at ease . . .



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