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Do This Before You Buy Anything

Button that says Pause

Here in the USA, Friday is the start of the holiday shopping season. I'm here to gently invite you to consider the idea of buying things. Anything. Even food.

What? You Don't Want Me To Buy Food?

I don't want or not want you to buy anything in particular. Instead, I'm inviting you to bring attention and intention to your purchases. You do this by bringing attention to the idea of the purchase, and noticing what sensations arise in your body when you do that.

Pause Before You Purchase

The next time the idea pops into/out of your head to buy something—that you "need" it or want it or as a gift or whatever—pause and investigate the sensations in your body. Be curious about them. Are they familiar? Do they speak to a pattern of some sort? At what other times do you tend to experience them? Furthermore, what thoughts travel with them?

Have you ever gone grocery shopping while hungry? The foods I purchase when I do that are dramatically different, and the quantities are, as well. It's as if I'm possessed by a hangry, junk-food eating spirit who no longer values fresh fruits and vegetables.

We humans are driven to grasp "good" feelings and push away "bad" ones. Is it possible that your purchase idea or urge is related to wanting to feel something in particular or stop feeling something in particular?

Regardless of where you are with your mindfulness practice, including you don't yet have one, I invite you to practice with me on Thursdays in December (there are five of them!) at 11am-11:30am, EASTERN (UTC -5). You MUST register for the link.

The sessions are FREE, and you are welcome to share this with those you think might benefit. They begin NEXT THURSDAY, December 2, and you can attend one or all of them!

Have a peaceful day.



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