On Being Uncertain But Not Unsettled

Once again I kicked off the Secular, Eclectic, Academic Homeschoolers conference, this time to 5,600 educators and parent-educators this past Friday. My topic was Fear of the Unknown.

Uncertainty is Like the Weather

There's no use getting upset about the weather; nobody's upset can change it. Weather is simply something that exists in your life, and whether the forecast is grim or spectacular, your mood or mindset doesn't affect it. This scenario isn't without consequence, however, as if you're upset or unsettled, you're likely not in a position to think clearly and act skillfully. That's the real problem with fear of the unknown; you're afraid. You are, as they say, in . . . fear. You're in it.

The Antidote to Fear of the Unknown

There's so much we don't know and can't know, and that reality isn't going anywhere, so beginning with acceptance of that reality is a good starting place. Next, there are things we can do to dissolve or lessen our fear—that's a reality too. So let's embrace that and get to it!

Fear can quickly become all-encompassing. Any emotion, sensation, thought, or sound is all-encompassing if that&#x