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Resilience With Me This Friday!

I'll be first up, once again, at the SEA Homeschoolers Online Conference (you can register here) at 12:10pm, ET, I'll be talking about The Resilient Family: 5 Things to do Together to Cultivate Resilience.

The conference is free, and you do NOT have to be a homeschooler or even a parent to register or to benefit from the genius speakers and faculty. SEA (secular, eclectic, academic) is a wonderful community of over 70,000 parents and educators dedicated to curiosity, growth mindset, and creating and delivering learning experiences our kids and teens want and need in the 21st century.

The cognitive, social, and emotional skills required to get us through events like, I don't know . . . pandemics are the same skills we need every day. But on the average day it probably won't make or break us if we're rusty on resilience or mindset. During a pandemic, it might. So much is heightened for all of us, and kids and parents need all of the inner resources they can get.

Register here for the conference, and if you aren't able to see it live they will send recordings (although not immediately, I don't think). Again, no need to be a homeschooler.

The session will include some live, guided, trauma-sensitive mindfulness practice.

I hope to see you there!

May you be at ease . . .



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