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Here's The Sound Check Practice

a human body with the words: The Sound Check, i.e., what's here now? It's an awareness practice that takes under 2 minutes

My Applied Futures Study surfaced something I wasn't surprised by: people who have a mindfulness practice found it fairly easy to imagine the year 2035, from the start. In fact, by the end of the first week of practice, they were teaching others how to imagine positive futures.

I promised to send some resources that help us imagine positive futures, and here's the first one: The Sound Check.

The practice of systematically noticing your present experience is the same one you'll use when imagining a moment in 2035. The better you are at it for 2024, the better you'll be for 2035.

It's difficult to vividly immerse yourself in the future if you don't know how to get in touch with what you're experiencing the present.

Finally, you have one thing in common with every human you will meet: a brain and nervous system. And while behavioral science has tried and tried to figure out why we do things, one thing you can figure out right now is how YOU operate. And when you figure that out, you learn more about everyone else than any behavioral science paper you'll ever read.

(click through for the full practice)


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