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Your Priority Right Now is Reading This

If you want to know what your priority is at any moment, look at what you're doing.

If you've gotten this far, your priority is to get at least this far--presumably to find out more about priorities.

On Priorities, Identity, and Values

As I've written previously (here too), each day, we show the world who we are. We demonstrate our priorities through what we do, all day long. And those priorities represent what we value. Sure, we might also say that some things are important to us, but the significance of those words can easily be extinguished by our actions.

Everything from the time you wake to what you do first to what you do next, to reading this or stopping reading this, to what you do while you're reading this and when you're done reading this says . . .

I'm the kind of person who . . .

If you're of a certain age, you may have played the game where you follow everything you say with "in bed."

This is exactly the same, but different.

Write down everything you do for the next 24 hours, using the following phrase:

"I'm the kind of person who . . . "

For example:

I'm the kind of person who wakes up early so I can meditate (mostly because I doubt my own ability to get it done at any other time).

I'm the kind of person who begins the day with one of 15 non-caffeinated, morning-type beverages (I haven't found the perfect one).

I'm the kind of person who takes a brisk walk or run, alone, 6 days a week (opting for podcasts rather than music to accompany me).

I'm the kind of person who talks on the phone for hours (to a grand total of 5 people, one at a time, of course).

I'm the kind of person who reads voraciously (but only non-fiction).

I'm the kind of person who colors her gray roots (but not regularly).

Do you see what I did there? The first part of the sentence and the parenthetical material tell you about my priorities and values. You don't have to do it this way.

I'm the kind of person who can always criticize myself,

especially when I'm trying to say something nice.

Remember that each day you are crafting your identity--sculpting it by either doing more of the same from yesterday or doing different things during some of the day. (And that includes self-talk, in case there's anyone out there who needs to hear that.)

We all have 24 hours. Who will you be, in toto, 24 hours from now? Who do you want to be? The kind of person who does what or no longer does what? The next 24 hours will likely present you with the following:

I am the kind of person who . . .

  • spends a lot of their time . . .

  • sounds like . . . (Listen to the sound of your voice when you speak to others. And when you speak to yourself. Maybe you sound one way to yourself and a different way to others. Maybe the tone of voice to your children or partner has a certain quality.)

  • spends time with people and loves to . . . or not.

  • eats . . .

  • drinks . . .

  • works (hours/day, job description, location, so much here . . . )

  • behaves differently with different people, or not (and if so, how?)

  • believes in . . .

  • trusts that . . .

  • has the following social media accounts . . .

  • spends X time on social media

  • spends most of their time on social media (posting, sharing, liking, scrolling)

  • talks on the phone (as opposed to texting only or maybe it depends on the person)

  • chose to make time for . . . by sacrificing . . .

Who are you today and who are you becoming?

Intention is a huge component of mindfulness. Being at-choice with your attention and crafting your self(/no self) with intention isn't exactly a popular topic of conversation. And yet, what could be more important?

We Become What We Practice

As we anticipate this challenging year coming to an end, we should perhaps consider there is no guarantee that 2021 will be any less challenging. Join me for an experience that explores who you are and what behaviors and thoughts are serving you. Explore who you have become and who you want to become, and begin to craft that person.


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