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On the Feeling of Vulnerability

Image by Midjourney

There's a feeling that accompanies vulnerability. You don't have to say a thing. You don't have to do a thing. It's a knowing that you're open, receptive, and your walls are down.

You may or may not reveal anything about yourself. The other person may or may not say or do something that hurts you.

What matters is that you can be hurt. Vulnerability is putting that reality into the hands of another.

Two Vulnerable People Will Always Find a Way to Connect

Harrison Ford's character, Paul, says that in the most recent episode of the Apple series, Shrinking. It's so simple, yet for most people, so very difficult.

With connection comes the opportunity to develop trust, though. And isn't that what we all want? To feel connected and to presume trust? To not perpetually be in testing mode, at least with certain people?

When someone has already hurt you many times, it's easy, not to mention healthy, to put your guard up and/or to regroup and set boundaries. Why let them have another go at you without a boundary reset?

Why spend a minute longer in a relationship that doesn't honor you? If the relationship is important to you, it's worth talking and feeling your way into a different kind of relationship. But life's too short to remain in relationships that don't honor you. Not to mention you deserve better.

Mindfulness and Vulnerability

Mindfulness allows us to know what vulnerability feels like, on the inside. When we practice allowing whatever arises and meeting it with curious friendliness, we eventually come to vulnerability.

We eventually come to . . . this is the feeling of putting my heart out there. I am without my armor. I have armor, make no mistake. But right now, I've set it aside.

That feels like something to you.

And to the other person, you know what it feels like? An invitation. If that person isn't vulnerable at that moment, they might take you up on your invitation . . . to try to hurt you.

But if that person is vulnerable, they'll take you up on your invitation . . . to connect . . . to rest . . . to heal.

Prioritize your practice. I promise you'll feel far-reaching effects, including being able to connect and heal.



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