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You asked for it - More on The Pause

On Black Friday I wrote about pausing before you buy anything, and even in that brief suggestion a few of you noticed that there's a lot more to pausing than just stopping. Here's under 5 minutes about the context and nuances of pausing, with the most important notion being that, in a highly charged moment, pausing is unlikely to show up as an option for you unless you already have a practice for pausing. We become what we practice.

Practice Pausing With Me!

Regardless of where you are with your mindfulness practice, including you don't yet have one or you're a teenager (or have a curious one) who has taken the class, I invite you to practice with me on Thursdays in December (there are five of them!) at 11am-11:30am, EASTERN (UTC -5). You MUST register for the link.

The sessions are FREE, and you're welcome to share this with those you think might benefit. They begin THIS COMING THURSDAY, December 2, and you can attend one or all of them!

Have a peaceful day.



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