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6-minute Pause Practice

Part of the intention of the weekly drop-ins I am having in December, starting Thursday, at 11am, ET (UTC-5) is for all of us to practice pausing together.

As I wrote previously and spoke of previously, your brain won't predict pausing when it's predicting an outlay of resources ("stress") absent a practice of pausing. Your brain takes the path of least resistance. Practicing pausing makes pausing the path of least resistance. Eventually.

Making Pausing a Habit

Pausing becomes a habit if you intentionally practice it. And the one thing I can pretty much guarantee is that you won't suddenly think of pausing during a highly charged moment if you haven't practiced pausing as a habit. The practice becomes a habit, and then "magically," as some people in my classes have said, one day, you realize that the way you meet life has shifted.

Join me for 1, 2, 3, 4, or all 5 Thursdays in December, for a 20-minute practice followed by 10 optional minutes of reporting and inquiry (i.e., we reflect on the experience and share what we learned).

You must register for the link if you'd like to attend, and there is no cost for these drop-ins.

Have a peaceful day.



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